Leisure Suit!

Today I received my Leisure Suit from Covered Perfectly! When I first saw the name “Leisure Suit”, I had to chuckle, because my interpretation of a leisure suit is of one of the men’s polyester suits from 1975 with a big collar, a silky shirt, and in a pastel color! Well let me tell you, this is the 2020 modern ladies version of the leisure suit! It is awesome how many different ways this outfit can be styled. The v-neck top & capri set is the most comfortable outfit I have worn in a long time! The MicroModal material is so very soft and can be worn so many different ways. This Leisure Suit works for lounging around the house, running errands, or even going out for the evening. The Leisure Suit is so comfortable you could literally sleep in it too! I normally would have ordered this in black, (my normal go-to color!) but decided to change things up a bit and go with the olive color. Olive is another great neutral that can be paired with black or brown, or go a bit more daring and pair with red or bright pink accessories. The Leisure Suit is so versatile that it can be worn around the house for a casual day at home, or with a sneakers or sandals to run some errands, or pair it with a pair of heels for a night out. When I dressed my Leisure Suit up for a night out, I knotted the shirt at the bottom, added a statement necklace, and wore some chunk heel shoes.
The Leisure Suit is currently available in blue, black, an olive for $59.95. For size reference, I am wearing a large.
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New Hair!

I finally took the plunge and updated my hair style! My “before” pic below is pretty horrible looking….I snapped it on the way to the hairdresser. Normally I would style it, but I knew I was on the way out to get it all cut off! I have had a very similar haircut for the past 17-18 years. Sort of a Lisa Rinna cut (which she never changes up her hair either!)…choppy bob, inverted bob, choppy layers, etc… I had been eyeing a few people on Instagram that I follow who have super short hair and decided to just give it a try. My hair is super thick and course. My hairdresser had to really texturize the top to get it to stand up. So far I really like it. The only part that is hard to get used to is seeing so much of my face and neck! My hair grows so incredibly fast that I will probably be complaining in a few weeks that it is to long!



No Resolutions…Just GOALS!

I am really looking forward to the new year and new decade! I am gearing up for an AMAZING 2020! First and foremost, on 10-10-20, my daughter is getting married! (They picked that specific date because 1) their first date was on 10/10, and 2) 10+10=20!) We are in full-on wedding planning mode! My mom turns 90 years old in a few weeks! The company I work for has some very exciting projects coming up! I’ve got a few long weekends and trips already scheduled…. This is going to be a great year!

But back to this resolution thing. Everyone always has the same standard resolutions. Lose Weight. Eat Healthy. Exercise More. Be More Organized. Quit This or That (fill in the blank). Chances are you made at least one of these resolutions last year and “failed” within the first month. Sometimes the resolutions are so vague that you do feel like they are unreachable. Tell 2019 goodbye…you’ve got a clean slate starting tomorrow! Sure, you can still have a GOAL to lose weight, but have you thought out how you are going to meet that GOAL? There are tons of diets and lifestyle plans out there. Pick the one that best suits YOU. Same with an exercise GOAL. Is joining a gym your thing? Do you have the extra funds to commit to a gym contract? Maybe just start with walking around the block everyday. Or do some sit-ups and leg lifts while watching TV. Make your goals attainable, and then set new goals!

Here are just a few of my GOALS for 2020:

  • Lose Weight – how you may ask? I started on Keto about 3 weeks ago and have lost 10 pounds already. Have I fallen off the diet wagon? Of course! Christmas Day was very non-Keto and chances are this evening will be too! With this diet, it takes a few days to get your body back to ketosis, so come tomorrow I will be back on the correct eating plan. I am by no means an expert at Keto eating yet. There has been a huge learning curve on what I can an cannot eat. I have about 35 pounds to lose and I need to look good for my daughter’s wedding!
  • More active with my Blog/Instagram – I want to increase my followers to 10K. This was actually a goal for last year that I did not meet. I purged a ton of fake and bot accounts which drastically lowered my number of followers, but it did allow me to have a more authentic following. So with this goal, I plan on dedicating time each evening to interact with my followers and those that comment and like photos, particularly followers that are in my target market of fashion, bargains, and middle age. I plan on posting to this actual blog page on a regular basis – I’m still working though this part of my goal because the web page itself is still very new to me.
  • Go to the beach more – This may sound a crazy goal to have, but I live in Florida and never went to the beach last year! Yes, I saw the ocean and sand….I am talking about an actual beach day…loading up the car with the beach chairs and towels, filling a cooler with drinks and snacks and just sitting there soaking up the sun, watching the waves, and people watching. The beach is my happy place!

Happy New Year and Happy Goal Setting!

Alli – @oldbroadsblog









My First Post!

Hey Everyone! Welcome to my blog and my very first post! I’ve actually owned my domain name for several months and I am finally getting around making it go live. I am really frustrated with figuring out how to navigate the site to make things look nice. I’m sure I will figure it out with time. Happy first day of winter!